Our Family History Research

The Loss of the West Point

Much of the time devoted to our family history research has been spent investigating the Pinkham family of South Devon. In the 19th Century 'our' Pinkhams owned a fleet of schooners and several were masters of the family's boats. By the end of the century the schooner trade was no longer profitable and my Great Grandfather, Captain James Pinkham, and a couple of cousins left the family business to become masters of steam ships owned by large companies. The following pages tell the story of Captain Pinkham and how the steam ship "West Point" foundered and the crew rescued by the luxury liner, the "Mauretania".

Output from the UFT

To date we have been recording our research using the software package "The Ultimate Family Tree". This provides some rudimentary web output which can be found on these pages. If you feel you can add to our research or are related in any way then we would love to hear from you.

Family History Links

Here is a rather eclectric collection of some web sites that we have found interesting, useful, notable, odd! etc etc in connection with our family history links. Please can you let us know if any of the links are broken and no longer valid.



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